Wilson Harbor Invitational

Wilson Harbor


Saturday Main Event


 Mandatory Captains/Observers meeting Friday May 18th 6pm sharp! Location to be determined. Only Captains and Observers need to be present.


All anglers must have a valid NY State fishing License..
All Canadian anglers must possess a Valid NY State fishing license.
Must be of at least 16 years of age on or before May 18th, 2018 or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
Teams will be limited to 8 members. Charter Captains please notify tournament committee if you will have clients on your vessel this day.
A maximum number of 6 Rods to be fished at any one time. When fishing with less than 3 team members adhere to 3 rods per person. At no time shall more than 6 fishing rods be deployed in the water, including any rod that has a fish on it..


 ***Ny State waters of Lake Ontario only.***

All vessels in violation will be disqualified. Contestants will use the aid of electronic GPS navigation equipment to remain East of the the US-Canadian border. Under protest, the tournament committee reserves the right to access such devices. In some cases, the use of polygraph may be necessary to determine the outcome. Under protest, the ournament committee reserves the right to withhold winnings until a determination is reached. In the event a polygraph is necessary, the out come of the test will be final. 


 Your observer is an integral part of your fishing team. It is important that whoever is chosen can withstand the sometime harsh conditions Lake Ontario dishes out.
(Team responsibilities)

It is required of all teams fishing this competition to provide an observer on May 19th, 2018 for the Main Event and May 20th if needed.
All Observers must be present at Captain/Observer meeting Friday May 18th at 6pm.
If a team fails to have their observer at the assigned boat, they are obligated to use another team member to fill in for observer, or disqualify their entire catch for the day.
(If observer is late team member should be in place at assigned boat no later than one half hour before scheduled start time)

 Observers must be 18 years of age or older. will be randomly exchanged between teams (observer responsibilities). All Observers must report to assigned boat no later than one half hour before scheduled start time.
Observers are responsible for morning cooler checks. (Tournament committee reserves the right to random checks the morning of)
Observers are required to collect all cell phones and place them in the bag provided. These should not be returned until vessel is dockside.
Observer and at least one team member should remain with their catch at all times until after fish are weighed.
All Observers must remain on site until dismissed by tournament committee.
Observer should ensure disclaimer forms are signed and returned prior to cast off.



 Communication of any kind is NOT PERMITTED outside of team members on tournament vessels during these times:
Tournament hours from start times to finish times.
During delays due to foul weather.
Communication is PERMITTED outside of team members on tournament vessel at these times, please read carefully.
Immediately following finish times each day (dockside)
For tournament control monitoring Channel 16, thus to be directed to Channel 9 for announcements.
It is the responsibility of the teams to maintain contact with tournament control in the event of foul weather or emergency.
Observers must adhere to the above rules.
Cell number also offered for secondary emergency reasons to contact a committee member (716-207 xxxx) contact only during an emergency.

Note: Under a No Communication policy: ALL ITEMS ON TOURNAMENT VESSEL INCLUDING OBSERVERS POSSESSIONS OF SUCH Cell phones, Pagers, Wireless internet, etc. are to be turned off and concealed in bag provided by tournament and kept in sight of observer at all times. In case of emergency only, a cell phone may be used under observers guidance and presence and only to contact a committee member (716-207 xxxx).
*Communication with any non tournament vessel before the event is also considered a violation of this rule.
**Please note: Automatic Disqualification will be imposed if any means of communication noted is used outside these rules

Fishing Hours

Official start time will be 6am. Teams will be released by shotgun start.
In the event of  in climate weather, announcements will begin at 5am on channel 16 to advise the fleet. Weather delays will be in 1 hour increments.
All vessels are permitted to leave dockside as early as 5:30 provided waiver forms are completed and returned to tournament committee in designated areas.
When leaving dock prior to start time vessels MUST remain inside designated staging areas either side of pier heads.
There is NO official stop time. All teams MUST be in line at pre check (Clarks Park) for weigh in no later than 3pm MANAGE YOUR TIME. There are no exceptions!
In case of foul weather Sunday May 20th will be used as a blow day for the competition.
All vessels must return to port under their own power or face disqualification.


 A maximum of 6 fish will be weighed for this tournament.
Only King/Chinook and Coho Salmon will be eligible for weigh in
Minimum length for Kings is 20 inches and Coho is 18 inches. Measurements will be from tip of nose to tip of tail (pinched for maximum length).
Culling will be allowed for this event up to the boat posession limit. There shall be no disposing of dead fish to maintain creel.
Points are awarded at 10 points per fish one point per pound.
All fish must be caught legally by hook and line.
In the event of a tie in total weight the tiebreaker will go to the team with the largest single fish.

Weigh In

 Upon returning to port fish must be immediately transported to the designated weigh in location and be in line, no later that 3pm.: Weigh in location: TBD
One team member and assigned observer must accompany catch to weigh in and must remain until catch is surrendered.
All coolers must pass through pre check area where they will be marked with the number of fish to be weighed and taped cshut. Any fished determined to be close to the established minimum length will be measured.
No weight enhancement of your catch is allowed. (no watering)
Cooler MUST be free of water and contain ONLY the fish you intend to weigh.
Any fish determined to be under sized or of the wrong species will be disallowed. A penalty of 10 points per fish disallowed will be assessed.


 Cheating will not be tolerated. Any individual or team found guilty will result in immediate disqualification. This individual or team will also be barred from all future events and tournaments operated as, or in conjunction with The Wilson Harbor Invitational. Insubordination of any kind directed toward tournament officials, observers, and opposing teams will result in disqualification of that team for the current year.


All vessels fishing in this event must carry liability insurance.
All contestants and observers are required to sign waiver forms Saturday/Sunday morning prior to leaving dockside. There are no exceptions! Waiver drop off locations will be announced at Fridays captains meeting.
The tournament committee will take every reasonable precaution to protect both person and property. All contestants agree to hold all those associated with the production of The Wilson Harbor Invitational harmless from any liability or claim of damages.


Wilson Harbor Invitational reserves the right to change or add rules as necessary to maintain the integrity of the event.